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Meet Néa, the Owner

Owner, Néa, has been dedicating her all to Trap Yoga Studios since July 2018. She began her personal self-care journey looking for an outlet to control her wild emotions, which led to a movement on its own.

In as little as three years, she has managed to obtain (5) locations throughout the city of Pittsburgh, as well as maintain partnerships with recognizable brands such as Google, Pittsburgh Parks, Gwen's Girls, Oasis Farms, Delta9, Clean Juice, One Whirl Magazine, 424 Athlete Factory, Adidas, Patron, Bacardi, Red Bull, and many more.

Through the many places she's been, and the many people she's met, she has been privileged to share a way of life with so many, that has truly changed many lives.

Mentoring, leading, and showing all black and brown girls, 'this sh*t is possible' is her mission. She prides herself in being the Trap Yogi that is completely unorthodox. She’s simply a fun, cursing, booty shaking, loud laughing, Southern Trap Yogi residing in the city of Pittsburgh. 💗

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Lit A*s Yoga Parties!

I have been taking online class for several months now and absolutely LOVE Trap Yoga Studios. The instructors are qualified, friendly, in one word Awesome. Could not imagine going elsewhere.

Kate G

I absolutely LOVED my virtual class. There were technical difficulties and the studio wasted no time in immediately establishing an alternate link, extending the class and communicating with me. The instructor was PHENOMENAL and the choreography was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been super ill lately and I was still able to do what I could and still rest when I needed. I felt confident for the first time in months. I would HIGHLY recommend Trap Yoga and also this is the BEST option for people out of state with such great prices. Thank you SOOOOOO much 💕💕

Joie Pena

A great, warm and welcoming environment with knowledgable instructors. I'd highly recommend!

Chandler Elyse